Fading Existence

As the flower of the field he shall pass away. It’s petals wilt and the beauty of it’s appearance is destroyed. So too is the man in the midst of his pursuits. At the very moment everyone is looking on in admiration at it’s beautiful face it fades away to nothing



I know I know I always say I’m busy. Recently I’ve been working 8am to 6pm(ish) Monday-Saturday. Throw in a few projects here and there and you get a very full schedule.

Recap of outside of work –

I just got home from seeing my niece and nephew and beautiful sister.

Sunday I went to the Cumberland Science Museum which, though I know is for kids, was really fun. Climbed all the way to the top of the tower, which I don’t remember doing before, and then went to see a show at the planetarium.  I also went to the Spaghetti factory, which I had never been to, the food was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend, if you have not already done so, that you go.

And now, I am headed to BED. I’m exhausted.

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