Fading Existence

As the flower of the field he shall pass away. It’s petals wilt and the beauty of it’s appearance is destroyed. So too is the man in the midst of his pursuits. At the very moment everyone is looking on in admiration at it’s beautiful face it fades away to nothing

Selfless heart


First humorous note -after that little post about the weekend guess who has to work this weekend… yep… anyway to the slightly less jocular part of the post.  I will try to make this one shorter.

I have recently felt that all to often I am using the word I  this found even in my so thought ‘humility’ of myself. So often I am self-conscious of my flaws that I focus more on myself and thus even in a negative way become selfish.

C.S. Lewis said that: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” It is interesting that it would be difficult to become a more selfless person by striving for humility, but we should instead focus on loving Him more. God says that to love Him is to obey His commands; we also know that His two greatest commands are to love Him above all else, and to love one another. Just as you can’t stop thinking about a purple elephant by telling yourself not to think of purple elephants, neither can we become truely selfless by focusing on this personal improvement. We must focus on growing outward, becoming so engulfed in our thoughts of our Lord, and of others, that we forget self.

C.S. Lewis also said that you would never walk away from a truly humble man thinking of how great his humility was, but rather how entirely interested he was in you.

I want to become this person. I want to be so sidetracked by my love for my Savior and for those around me, that my selfishness fades away.

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