Fading Existence

As the flower of the field he shall pass away. It’s petals wilt and the beauty of it’s appearance is destroyed. So too is the man in the midst of his pursuits. At the very moment everyone is looking on in admiration at it’s beautiful face it fades away to nothing

silver lining


Tonight Sucked on every level there is….

But on a brighter note…. I let Jonathan use my laptop today and had left a window open with a project I’m working on… it’s a new theme for my site, far far far from ready but I had this part of it open…


I had done it last night really quick trying to learn a specific technique and had liked it… So when I got back tonight I found this as the background to my desktop (it’s normally just solid black)


Keep in mind this kid just turned twelve last week and the only experience he has with computer graphics is when I showed him how to make cartoons by cutting and coloring clip art images… I was so proud… I’m definitely going to start teaching him to do this stuff… He’ll pass me in no time.

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