Fading Existence

As the flower of the field he shall pass away. It’s petals wilt and the beauty of it’s appearance is destroyed. So too is the man in the midst of his pursuits. At the very moment everyone is looking on in admiration at it’s beautiful face it fades away to nothing
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Happy Birthday!!2.jpg

Just want to say that I have a wonderful brother and think that anyone who reads this should go and post on his very very outdated page.Now that I have hopefully embarrassed him enough for today, I am actually going to go to sleep very early. For the time being I work six days a week and am quite exhausted.

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Lil tyro


So I’ve been teaching Jonathan some photoshop stuff and we made his own site today to post his progress.. he’s getting pretty good at this stuff

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So this has really two completely separate parts…
1.) WOW… my brothers are going to be SOOOOO spoiled! My youngest brother just bought a $3,500 car to work on just for the fun of it… MJ, and J&J get over $200 a month it’s crazy… luckily I got my car back before he actually got his.. I now have my own car again… yipee!!…

Second… I’m almost through with my class… Final portfolios are due soon… I took a few of the black and white photos I’ve taken and I added color… a little backwards I know but it was fun…



So yea both of these are actually black and white pictures I just colored them. when my class is done I’m going back to digital and I’ll take them in color and then just desaturate if I want black and white…

Zay and I’ve been working on a video for gravity using after effects too… I’m finally getting it 🙂 We have several projects going and I really need to learn faster….

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Double take


For two reasons… For one it’s the second post of the night…
I was looking for a set of photos I had taken a few years ago and found a lot of old trinkets in the process… after I had found what I was looking for I continued rummaging through my room… I found several things hidden away that I had forgotten that I had… one thing really surprised me… When i was in WA I had cameras with me but didn’t really take many photos and when I did most were landscape… The pictures I had of people I can’t remember but I know I either burned, deliberately lost, or threw away…. but tonight I found stashed away buried under a lot of other junk… the negatives of one of the throw aways I had…
I can’t decide whether to get the prints or not… If I do maybe I will share

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New design


So I was working on a new interface design for Zay’s website and I tried a few ideas…. after I settled on one and fleshed it out part way I realized that he and I both like what he has now better…So this is what I had started on…. not really going to use it for anything now I guess… it was also originally green because he thought green would be cool but I went back and changed it… so now it’s blue….

So I decided to just fix what he had…


I just added the reflection in the water and took out the werewolf…

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silver lining


Tonight Sucked on every level there is….

But on a brighter note…. I let Jonathan use my laptop today and had left a window open with a project I’m working on… it’s a new theme for my site, far far far from ready but I had this part of it open…


I had done it last night really quick trying to learn a specific technique and had liked it… So when I got back tonight I found this as the background to my desktop (it’s normally just solid black)


Keep in mind this kid just turned twelve last week and the only experience he has with computer graphics is when I showed him how to make cartoons by cutting and coloring clip art images… I was so proud… I’m definitely going to start teaching him to do this stuff… He’ll pass me in no time.

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