Fading Existence

As the flower of the field he shall pass away. It’s petals wilt and the beauty of it’s appearance is destroyed. So too is the man in the midst of his pursuits. At the very moment everyone is looking on in admiration at it’s beautiful face it fades away to nothing
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Lil tyro


So I’ve been teaching Jonathan some photoshop stuff and we made his own site today to post his progress.. he’s getting pretty good at this stuff

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After Effects


So this is a sample of the kind of stuff I’ve been doing in after effects… now.. all of these are really simple ideas and this is a really rough really low quality video. I’m learning to use some of the other stuff but for this one I really didn’t need anything more complicated…

Anyway not astounding and I’m not sure why it didn’t save with better quality I must have had one of the settings wrong but I went over them and they looked right… anyway… That’s that I guess…

The other one has a little more time into it. Zay and I have both worked on this one experimenting with things like the puppet tool and we’re about to try a new technique for getting the rings into place but we’ll see how that turns out. You can see that one here…gravity-logo-test.mp4
or at least the first draft….

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So this has really two completely separate parts…
1.) WOW… my brothers are going to be SOOOOO spoiled! My youngest brother just bought a $3,500 car to work on just for the fun of it… MJ, and J&J get over $200 a month it’s crazy… luckily I got my car back before he actually got his.. I now have my own car again… yipee!!…

Second… I’m almost through with my class… Final portfolios are due soon… I took a few of the black and white photos I’ve taken and I added color… a little backwards I know but it was fun…



So yea both of these are actually black and white pictures I just colored them. when my class is done I’m going back to digital and I’ll take them in color and then just desaturate if I want black and white…

Zay and I’ve been working on a video for gravity using after effects too… I’m finally getting it 🙂 We have several projects going and I really need to learn faster….

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So not knowing these programs is going to drive me insane… I’m sure that I could do some really cool stuff with them… but for now it’s just insanely frustrating instead of insanely cool which I know it could be…

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Dang it…


Pretty sure I HATE flash and After Effects… nevermind that I only even opened them today… nevermind that I hated photoshop the first three hours I used it… nevermind that I am still determined at some point to learn how to use them…. the point is I DESPISE them…. for the time being because I don’t know how to work them at all… and I do mean AT ALL!!!!

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I’m trying to do something really simple, elegant and clean for my site…. I want it to exemplify the meaning behind fading existence… I’ve tried two or three different ideas and I’m struggling…

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New design


So I was working on a new interface design for Zay’s website and I tried a few ideas…. after I settled on one and fleshed it out part way I realized that he and I both like what he has now better…So this is what I had started on…. not really going to use it for anything now I guess… it was also originally green because he thought green would be cool but I went back and changed it… so now it’s blue….

So I decided to just fix what he had…


I just added the reflection in the water and took out the werewolf…

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So I’m still playing with learning to use textures to make my own images… again I didn’t use any textures images objects that I didn’t make myself… I didn’t copy anything…. so here it is… my version of running water….


What was cool was that it didn’t take me long at all… I did a really quick one with more vivid colors just to show zay how I did it and it only took me a few minutes… granted it’s not as nice as the one I took time on but even taking time it was about twenty minutes… I’ll get faster… I’m hoping…


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silver lining


Tonight Sucked on every level there is….

But on a brighter note…. I let Jonathan use my laptop today and had left a window open with a project I’m working on… it’s a new theme for my site, far far far from ready but I had this part of it open…


I had done it last night really quick trying to learn a specific technique and had liked it… So when I got back tonight I found this as the background to my desktop (it’s normally just solid black)


Keep in mind this kid just turned twelve last week and the only experience he has with computer graphics is when I showed him how to make cartoons by cutting and coloring clip art images… I was so proud… I’m definitely going to start teaching him to do this stuff… He’ll pass me in no time.

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I’ve now been getting into just design techniques so here’s another original from me…. I made all of the textures and objects including the halftone circle things in the back… they actually really would have been easy if I had simply known why I couldn’t get them to work at first… i.e. you can’t make them on a transparent background, you have to make them and then take the background out….


So I went back and made it red…. changed a few things… which is better?


We may be calling our Wednesday Night Live nights Vortex, we’ve been looking for names… The idea is that it’s a strong burst of gravity that pulls people in… Vortex
5.something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it:
powerful force
irresistible force
Roaring mass of whirling fire – consuming

Anyway that’s that…

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Been a while


I really just haven’t felt like writing much but I’m guessing it’s about time so…

a few different categories

I’ll get the more serious stuff out of the way so I can end with the fun. Please pray for me. There are some decisions that I’m being asked to reconsider, pray that either the pressure will be lifted or God miraculously makes me want to change my mind, for now I don’t want to with everything inside of me and it’s a little too obvious when I pray which outcome I am hoping for. Things have been sucking pretty badly but I keep thinking back to Joseph and how he had to be patient when life was so bad, at least I’m not where he was, I’m grateful for what God has given me.

Now on to the fun…

I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on photoshop yet but I am trying to get it in when I can and I would like to learn as much as possible. I put together a few things today, one was creating my own stencil and learning to define custom shapes. I was able to take graffiti out of a picture and make my own limited font set with it that was pretty fun. I made a cool little graphic that can be resized to any size because it’s made entirely with paths.


I also put together a template for doing rays so that I would be able to use it in future pieces I can change it to whatever color or gradient I want with very little effort.


I also learned to use the pen tool and to make create vector images…. I haven’t actually finished one though I’m half way through two, I started one of me and am working on one of a demon from the Judgment first year… I did learn that you shouldn’t work back to front like I’m doing… it’s a good strategy except that I spent so much time on the background that i am now tired of working on it and haven’t finished the subject.. I did cheat a bit by using the clone tool to repeat some of the stone rather than create entirely new shapes for the entire thing… These things take for freaking ever…. I started it in the later part of today but I was working for a good while on this


I also learned some cool filter tricks for making variations of patterns and gradients for design work. Probably the most useful thing learned though was how to control curves and levels rather than adjusting with brightness and contrast. The control and capability of this option give you a much much much better chance of restoring photos and other images.

I started my photography class this week so I’m in class till 12:30 M-Th it’s been a lot of fun but I’ve found that I enjoy adjusting camera options and getting good shots much more than I enjoy developing film and prints. I had a few gorgeous shots of little girls that didn’t come out because reels apparently aren’t a standard size so you need different amounts of chemical if you don’t want half of your reel undeveloped… And by half I mean half way down the entire roll ruining the whole thing not have length…. I think when I am through I will get a good digital camera and have fun with that… This is cool and all and it’s reminded me how much I love photography, but I don’t enjoy the development. I may scan some in a bit later.

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I’ve always liked the way that fashion silhouette’s could be set to gradients but i’ve never taken the time to do one… The hard part was not having a good pic to do it with… I didn’t get a large enough picture and I used a shirt with too odd of a neckline… but I still figured out how to do it… it was really easy.


Right now I’m focusing on figuring out how to do these different things so I’m not actually spending the time it takes to do a clean job… I should go back and clean up the parts I missed but i merged a satin layer down over the silhouette so I would have to start over to do that… next time….

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inner struggle


At some point we each suffer from the feeling of being torn or of feeling as though our selves don’t line up… so… an art piece that shows that… quick sketchy just a concept piece…


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So I’ve been in class all morning… and yea I had my laptop and seeing as how I don’t have classwork to work on (which is what I usually do) I asked for ideas on what to work on to practice photoshop. I asked a few people but only got one… So I was trying to create an interesting image for a desktop… I came up with a few ideas and wanted to test something out… so… Which is better….?


This is the second that I added some color into…. I think with this less may be more and the first may be better… then again the color adds a certain dynamic… You can’t see the coding I used as a texture in the thumbnail so you may want to click on the image to see it… It is part of an actual script…


I also did when where the color overlay was the top layer so it went all the way across uninterrupted but I didnt really like that as much…

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So I did Berean most of the day… But I needed a break so I took fifteen and played with photo shop… I googled photoshop effects and tried to see if I could figure out the first idea that popped out at me. It was the invisible person…. it was actually man but I didn’t have pics of a guy in my files so I used me… They offered a tutorial but I like to try things myself first so that’s what I did… I may glance over the tutorial later to see if they had any shortcuts but the way I did it was pretty straightforward… Now don’t criticize the detail I know it’s terrible and the pic quality is terrible. I know that. Like I said it I only had 15 minutes from the time I stopped to when I had to pick back up with study… So this is that picture


The other thing is that I took a break late this afternoon to go and get my hair cut. What do you think?? I know it’s a really crappy picture It came from my phone… but I’m in classes in Nashville and don’t have another camera with me. So….


Thoughts suggestions etc….???

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